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1942 - "Army - How to Identify Them - Navy"

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1942 "Army - How To Identify Them - Navy." The Leaders in Uniforms, Zubik & Sons, Uniform Specialists, College Station, Texas [1896 - 46 Years of Tailoring - 1942.] This and other ink blotters were printed by businesses that wanted to advertise their products plus it was patritoic to make these ephemera to educate the public as to what men and women in the United States Armed Forces were wearing as to branch and rank insignia, etc. These show up now and then for sale and they are worth acquiring them for one's ever growing collection. Other business's had the same or similiar ink blotters with their own names and addresses added in the bottom centre box. You can take these and enlarge them many times up to view them better, even as posters! This one even told the pay scales of officers and other ranks. :rolleyes: Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California (hhbooker2@yahoo.com) Feel free to add your ink blotters here as well and tell us how you started collecting them or where you find them? Thank you!


Herbert Booker









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