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I am a college student studying military history at ASU, and I have been collecting militaria for around 10 years on and off. While I mainly focus on collecting US medal groups from World War I and II, I have some militaria from multiple countries and conflicts. I have been around antiques all my life, mostly family heirlooms from the Civil War and older, with the oldest item being a Edinburgh bible dated 1798 that was brought by my mother's family over from Scotland. My family also has a long military history, which I have traced back to Roebuck's Regiment of the Spartan County Militia in South Carolina during the Revolution. Since my career and only hobby pretty much go hand in hand, I spend most of my time doing something military history related and I would not have it any other way! I didn't know this forum existed until recently, and I knew I had to join when I read about it! Looking forward to spending time on here.

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Hey man and welcome. You sound just like me in terms of your heritage, schooling, and interests. I'm working on my Masters Degree in History with a focus on US Military. I work for a WW2 archive and spent some time with the National Parks. It's nice to see another student here on the forum.

Wanted: Missouri Medals


I am always in search of Missouri Medals and Items. This could be anything from WW1, WW2, Prisoners of War, Ephemera, or anything pertaining to Missourians.


I thank you for your time and consideration.


-Without a witness, they just disappear.-




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Welcome to the Forum. It was a good move on your part as you will find there are individuals that are very well versed in a wide array of subjects, and willing to share.

Would it be possible to view your US medal groupings? Jack



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Welcome to the forum, always good to see a fellow Arizonan!

Bob Davis
Secretary, Arizona Chapter, The Orders and Medals Research Society
ASMIC Member #5364, OVMS Member #11939
US Army Infantry 2001-2009, OIF/OEF Veteran


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I would be glad to show one of my most recently acquired groupings, awarded to Col. Lawrence Mallory Stickney from Wheeler, Steuben County, New York. The Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, and Air Force Commendation Medal are all engraved with his name. His colonel insignia, miniature medals, ribbon bars, and wings are also in good condition. There are also two RVN decorations, the Air Service Medal, and the Air Force Distinguished Service Order. Col. Stickney was originally a bombardier on a B-25 in the China-India-Burma Theatre, where he was shot down and captured by Japanese forces. He later escaped captivity, and returned to flight school in order to become a fighter pilot. Col. Stickney was shot down twice more in his career, once in the Korean Conflict, and once more in the Vietnam War, managing to land behind friendly lines both times. Through all of this, he was never wounded! Col. Stickney also flew in the Berlin Airlift, as denoted by the Berlin Airlift device on his miniature Humane Action Medal. He also served in England and Italy, and he was chief of the Air Force Advisory group in Ethiopia when he retired in 1975. Col. Stickney died of cancer in 1992 at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and was buried in section 35, gravesite 3127 of Arlington National Cemetery. Unfortunately, when I bought this grouping, his campaign medals were not included. The information I have is obtained from his obituary, which can be found with a quick google search. I really wish I knew what units he was a part of. The seller stated that this grouping was sold to him by Col. Stickney's widow, retired RADM Mariann Stratton, former Chief of the Naval Nurse Corps, and that she could not provide any documentation or information regarding her husband's service.



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