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Need help in publishing book on 951st Field Artillery Btn vet


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A good friend of mine, who is an accomplished technical writer and English major, has written a remarkable tribute to his father, who served as a radioman in the 951st FA Btn in the ETO in 1944 and 1945. He was in the thick of it from the opening battles in Normandy, through the Battles of Hurtgen Forest and The Bulge, through to VE Day. He was an eyewitness to the Buchenwald camp atrocity. He was a prolific writer of letters, and like his son, a very good writer.


My friend has shared the manuscript, which contains many rare photos taken by his father and cohorts. It is comprised mainly of letters to his future wife, Ruth. It is a good description of the daily life of a soldier in the ETO, and also in boot camp in the states. To me it is a remarkable document.


He has asked me not to share the manuscript, but to put him in contact with a potential editor/publisher.


I am not sure where to post this query on the forum, but this seems like a good starting place.


Please drop me a line or give me a tip here on this thread if you have any ideas.


Thank you!



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