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Family Helmet and liner

The Rooster

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The Rooster

Greetings all!

Im a wing collector mainly. This forum has so many topics and I found the helmet section and thought I'd post

mine. These two have been in my memory since I was around 3 years old.

The Brodie is my Grandfathers helmet that was issued to him in France during ww1.

He was a clerk on General Pershings staff.

He lived good and ate good. I asked him about it. Never in combat with his typewriter! Could be why I exist.....

Ive got his photo albums. He met my Grandmother in France and one of the pictures my Grandmother is dressed up

in his gear.. Helmet gas mask and uniform. Funny stuff from 100 years ago!


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The Rooster

The second is a ww2 liner. I always thought it was my Dads. He was in at the tail endof ww2. But he says now that he never made T Corporal

so I dont really know. But Dad is 91 now and his memory is not the best.

Its made by MSA. and has a number 21 over the MSA Logo.

Thank you.




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