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Still Looking for 342nd Inf Reg/86th ID Book

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I recently recd the 86th ID Artillery book with roster from Jack Angolia ...which I didnt know existed. I am still looking for 342nd Inf Reg 86th ID book. I have the 341st, 343rd, 86th Support unit and 86th Artillery books along with the 1990s 86th ID book and the 1950s watch on The Rhine .....since my Father served in the 341st/86th ID in ETO & PTO. Any help in location the 342nd would be appreciated. See pictures of the books I have. Thank you





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I was mistaken...the 1954 book is called “Over the Danube”...not “watch on Rhine”. It’s a good book....this was the 1st book I really read and discussed with my Dad. After reading it...we spoke and I told him that as a kid I always heard the war stories and thought they were so so but I was young ...and didn’t appreciate them. I apologized to my Dad

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Still looking for 342nd Infantry Reg book. I noticed one listed on eBay which was original listed for $600...I contacted the select and said the price must have been a mistake....and the seller relisted for $225.


I’m still looking. Thanks for looking

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