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Inherited collection - new to this

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you guys seem like nice guys - said the lamb to the wolfpack ;;-)

I introduced myself in the new member section. this seems the most interesting in the bunch I inherited. Tiffany WWI(?) US Army .. where are identifiers to verify authenticity? post-218894-0-89716200-1551127223_thumb.jpg

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welcome to the forum, there's a lot of great guys and gals here who will help you out. That being said, I would say to get some really good ideas on what you have, you're going to have to put some nice photos into posts front and backs and close ups of stuff like hallmarks and pins etc to get honest, good answers [i don't collect wings per se]


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In addition to Thor996's suggestion, gather any family history associated with those wings. Items such as log books, flight certification documents and any photos of those wings being worn on a uniform etc. will help with authentication. Collectors will be looking for markings on the back and details on the front as compared to known Tiffany wings. Welcome to the Forum.






WANTED- hallmarked US Army Jump wings:            WANTED -Combat Infantryman Badges:


Bell Trading Post Master (with star in wreath).      F.W. Assmann Germany full size marked 191

12C Coro Senior clutchback (with star).                            CREST CRAFT Sterling EIB & CIB

CrestCraft 14C Master w/bubble canopy CB.                    Denmark’s Sterling 2nd Award D22

Emblem Supply 1E Senior pinback                                      Wilbur Kiff Co Attleboro Ma. Sterling

GP General Products Master CB                                          D&H Manufacturing, provenance RI

Military Post Supply M21/MPS-21 Senior CB                 C.P. Company NYC 1P C. Polk New York

Robbins Senior pinback                                                       Gemsco Sterling 3rd award

Robbins Attleboro Mass. Basic pinback                              Simon Sterling 3rd Award

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The tags make them look like they were in a collection or are ready for sale.

Interested in US Naval and Marine aviation history, aircrew wings & insignia.

WW2 US Navy and Marine Grumman Wildcat, Avenger & Douglas SBD aircraft.

Also interested in US 5th AF in Australia.


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Welcome. I am curious if you inherited these wings from a collector relative or from a veteran pilot relative?




Hi Tod


My dad.


Charles L. Creech, was a US Marine: honorable discharge in 1958(?) after a tour in Japan. Police officer, retired rank of sargeant, 1987, Scarsdale NY PD. He was an avid collector of militaria w/ focus on wings. I walked many a flea market and had my hand swatted by many a shopkeeper as I followed behind my father in silent awe. Charles passed in 1991 - a mere 5 years after retiring. A carved mahogany case originally holding a sterling silver flatware service he and my mom received as a wedding gift, now strapped tight with a beige slide-buckle marine belt, has since his passing, held this amazing result of his wanderings and dealings. I've occasionally opened it and then, with equal inexplicability, lowered the lid for another day. maybe its my own mortality: im now a year older than he was when he passed. This collection deserves to either be honored by me, or by someone with a level of passion to make his work a legacy. Im not sure that I have that, quite honestly, but at the very least, after so many years, each piece deserves some air . Lets see what's in here.


Photos to follow this weekend



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Thanks so much for the response and I completely get where you are coming from in terms of the power of memory those items hold as it relates to hunting them with your dad. Here to help out as needed. And this group is a good group.





Tod Rathbone
Rathbone Museum of WWII Aviation Uniforms and Insignia


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