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Seeking a real example of rare 4th Marine Aircraft Wing Patch

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I am curious if anyone has a real life example of the first patch shown below. The first picture depicts a Marine from Air Warning Squadron 1 (AWS-1) in what is believed to be February 1946. You'll notice he is wearing a 4th MAW shoulder patch however the patch is not full red but rather two tone. I believe the color scheme to be similar to that of the second photo which shows a handmade MGCIS-1 patch from a few years later. The two-toned patch was supposed to signify that the radar squadron could conduct both day & night operations. The color scheme is still employed by MACS-1 and VMA-513 to this day.


Does anyone on the forum happen to have an example of this patch? Thanks in advance.






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I don't think you're looking for a two color shoulder patch. I think that this Gunny has ironed a crease into the "battle blaze" AND into his chevrons. I think that you aare simply seeing light bounce off of the patch at the crease. Now, why would someone crease the sleeves on their Alpha?



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I will agree with Allan on this, looks like camera photo flash and lighting...

Pvt. James H. Honey 1st Md. Eastern shore Vol. Inf. Co. D (union) Gettysburg
Pvt. George Eddie Lear 26th Inf. Co.H 1st Div .(WW1) P.H. WIA Cpl. Richard Elsea 268th C.A. Bn. Battery A. WW2 SSgt. Grant Elsea 314th Inf. Hq.Co. I.R.79thDiv. WW2
Cpl. Harry Lawrence Butler Jr 23rd Regt. WIA Korea Lt. George Olin Tilghman 111th MG. 29th Div. WW1 DIS France 1919

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