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Sent Home Japanese Canteen in Homemade Box


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Posted in the world m ill litaria forum, thought I'd repost here as more appropriate.

This canteen was sent home by Abraham L. Clapp, serial 34257316, in a nice homemade box. Looks like Co. A 131 Engr Bn (G)

Box looks like teak or something similar.post-185627-0-25591500-1551054563_thumb.jpg


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Very cool! I like crated ship home items, but all I have so far are rifles. 9 of them actually, haha!

What's the APO listed on this box? And is there a date noted anywhere?

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I love pieces w the ship home boxes! Ive known of dealers selling the items separately from the box. Makes me cringe.


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You wonder how a box made it, how about a coconut from Guam to KY 1945 with no box? After Iwo 21st Marines went back to Guam and Dad painted this coconut and mailed to Mom. Richard



Wanted: WWI ID'ed USMC Green Wool Uniform and ANYTHING documented to my Dad's Iwo Jima outfit: 21st Marines 3rd Div.

Items marked "Marquet, Marquett, or Marquette"



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Looks like APO 453. Here is a pic of the canteen label.

APO 453:

That’s the Philippines.



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