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B-24 Pilot Willie S Newton


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Look what followed me home.


The daughter of a B24 pilot contacted me about so items she wanted to pass on.


Original 8th AAF patch

4 ribbons

445th yearbook

8th AAF yearbook

Several personal pictures


Just enough to create a grouping.


Also have sort of legable military records. I would really like to find some clear copies if possible.

Here what I have so far.....


Willie Sidney Newton

Winfield, LA

Oct 20 1917



Entered AAF as a mechanic

June 1 1941, Chanute Field, IL


Discharged Mar 14 1943n Msgt

Reenlisted as a Warrant Officer June 27 1944.


Became a B24 pilot (1092) out of Tibenham 445th/702nd.


Flew 10 missions.


Campains, Ardennes & Air Offensive of Germany.


Flew B24J tail #44-40375 (not found) back to States & was suppose to be the first plane back from ETO.


Discharged Nov 20 1945, 2d Lt.


Signed up for Reserve Corps Oct 1 1945 (9596 A. R?S Sq)?, until about Dec 23 1949.


Looking for mission records, tail number flown & anything else not listed above.



346ebf0018cd15da37cb1cd0c27b8ea1.jpg3571fc91dce7b7f03c3dfbf4bf3d70ec.jpgWillie is the tall one, back row, second from the left.

996978f5e8dbfff533b8fb749cc627ed.jpg4cc042f120fb755b28d7034bd83202ab.jpg23d6e9281d668a6304184d3532398864.jpg3991a0ad8fc4516c9c039ba2131dfd78.jpg Just before his passing in1997



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Should have been 3 ribbons in hand but has 4 listed on discharge paperwork.


Air medal

Good conduct medal

European campaign medal,** missing 2 stars

***Missing American defense medal



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Also, her Uncle Wade Newton was in the Flying Tigers, China 1944?


Front row, second for rightPosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


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Sorry for any confusion, Uncles name was Earl Newton, brother-in-law was Wade.


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