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Union Cutlery aka KA-BAR Care Tag


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I bought this several weeks ago at a gun show along with a Camillus Care Tag. The price was silly cheap so considering the price and the condition I bought them assuming they were not genuine. However, on close inspection and comparison to several others, I find the Camillus is real. That makes me wonder about this, but I can only find two other people who have one of these and one has red lettering like a Camillus, and the other has the same black lettering as this but has other differences.

I'm putting this on here hoping somebody, ANYBODY, will have a picture of a KA-BAR Care Tag they'll be willing to post or PM - even if it's different than mine.

Even if it proves this one is not real I'm happy with it at the price I paid, but if it IS real I'd rather preserve it properly instead of displaying it on a knife.


Thanks in advance for any assistance,




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In searching the forum I can find many photos of the Camillus tags, but so far nothing on the Union Ka Bars.

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I only have one. I am not 100% sure it is genuine though.

Don: Yours is the one I was referring to when I said I found another with black ink like mine but with slight differences.


Bob: I've searched not only the forum, but the entire web for hours on end. Aside from Don's and the one with the red lettering the only other one I found is this, which is an obvious fake unless the reverse skipped the printing process and went thru a time warp to become brand new again.



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Frank Trzaska


Your tag is a reproduction. As you noted there are differences in the one posted by mikedon and in the one I have.


All the best

Frank Trzaska

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