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Unusual Japanese bring back: field radio parts with story


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Hey everyone. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Been getting some life things in order before I added to the collection. Anyway these came to me via a friend of mine who purchased them some 20 odd years ago from the vet himself. When I received them they were bunched into a very very old ziplock bag that was about to tear with these old label stickers placed on the outside of the bag. When I bought them from my friend as a curiosity he threw in this cigar box to help store and transport them back home. Afterward I carefully removed each part, placed them into the box, and then began to carefully cut the old bag apart where the old labels were. I got the labels to lay down enough to affix them to a note card and then secure them to the inner lid of the box. The story itself is very intriguing to me since I've never heard of something like this before. Apparently while stationed in Korea in 1946 the vet stripped a Japanese field radio of its internal parts so it could be used as a bring home box but instead of just tossing the parts he decided to keep them and eventually put them in that ziplock bag while also putting labels on the bag and writing his story on them.




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