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16th Medical Regiment DUI

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I found this interesting insignia the other day and have been unable to find much about it and woud like to make sure that I am correct about what it is. I think this is a DUI for the 16th medical regiment that was in existance from 1940-43 because I have found that their motto is Vigor In Arduis, however I have not actually been able to find another example of this pin to verify that that is what this is and for all I know another unit may have adopted the motto after the 16th was disbanded. Can anyone confirm the unit that used this? Also does anyone have any idea of how common of this DUI is? (I may try to find another to complete the set but given that I have not been able to even find another to compare to and they are a unit that only existed just before and in the early stages of the war for a short period that seems like it may be difficult.) Thank you for reading!



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According to the ASMIC Mottoe Catalog this mottoe is only for the 16th Med Regt. Capistrano's DI Book Volume IV

DIs from 1939-1946 confirms your info on this DI. Broken up in 1943. Also comes in screwback with no hallmark.

There may not be too many DIs out there if it was around for such a short time. It's a nice looking DI.


Take care,


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Thank you very much for the confirmation, I agree it is an eye catching one that I am glad I found. When I first came across it I thought the red cross and anchor might have meant it was for a hospital ship.

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