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Can you ID this flight helmet?


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1967 photo of VF-21 XO J. P. Skyrud wearing an unusual (to me) flight helmet.


The XO is on the side of an F-4 Phantom.


Any thoughts on this helmet?





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Looks to be 2 different helmets...And planes....the pic on the left shows a visor cover screwed on...maybe a APH-5....the second pic looks like an exposed visor...or has a modified visor housing

The first pic he his climbing up the telescoping steps on the front cockpit of an F4...the second pic looks like he is on a ladder for the rear cockpit...so maybe nit the same helmet in both pics

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2 # pilots, 2 # helmets


It's an APH-5 without visor cover.


Rails are still in place. A few modifications to prevent visor to leave... & we have the first APH lightweight !

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