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Elmer Raymond Getchell 8th Kings 1915


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Bought this a couple years ago in a lot of medals. At that time, I had no way to research foreign vets. I know I had posted it on a couple of groups on Facebook and was told that it was unofficial and not correct for a British medal. Someone had sent me his award cards and that was pretty much it and the end of the story until today. I was going through some things to part with and was going to look up the information about him again to help sell since now I have access to research. But now his medal will stay with me.


Elmer Raymond Getchell was born in Massachusetts on September 25, 1896. In June 1915 before graduation he left town for England without telling anyone. On 9 July 1915 he joined the British army with this 3/8 (Irish) Battalion, Kings (Liverpool) Royal Regiment. From September to November of that year he spent his time in the trenches in France. He was then sent back to England and in December, discharged because he lied on a document from my understanding. He arrived in America about a week later. Then it appears upon Americas entry into the war he joined U.S. Army. He was at base hospital #5 during his service which was located Dannes-Camiers (May-Nov 1917) and Boulogne-sur-Mer (Nov 1917-Jan 1919). I believe he stayed in until sometime after 1920, as I found a document stating base hospital #5 in the Philippines in 1920. He registered for the draft for World War II, and appears he was a civilian employee for the war department. I am currently unaware of what he did after the war. Elmer passed away on May 5, 1972 in California.


His 1914/15 star

Posted Image


Article I found which was interesting as I don’t have any record showing he lived in Ohio at the time. Portsmouth Daily Times (Portsmouth, Ohio) 1915 December 29

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This note was written in his British pension file.

Ambulance company 4

Fort? McKinley Manila Philippines

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