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New Guy trying to find old post about Willy Jeep Buckle reproduction

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Hey Guys!

I found this forum while googling for a supplier of old Willy Jeep teeth Buckles. And I found a member here posting his reproduction of the old North & Judd buckles if I am not mistaken.

It was posted by a more active user on here.


Sadly after registering and waiting the authentification process... I cant find the post anymore.

Does anyone know what I am talking about? haha


Anyways.. This forum is a REAL help in identifying old Militaria! Good job guys!



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I can't help you with finding the post about the buckles, but in the meantime you might try:


www.g503.com (Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts)

WeeBee Webbing (Pizzoferrato Ent.)

Brent Mullins Jeep Parts



and many others, the names of which escape me at the moment.


Some may not show the buckle on their website, but most are pretty good about answering questions and may have the items in stock, just not listed. I bought some misc. hardware from Pizzoferrato a few years ago, and I couldn't find any of it on their website.

Collecting 3rd Armored Division items of all kinds from all eras, specializing in the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.

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