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American Legion items! Long history!

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Hello Guys, Seeing that's this particular Post has gotten more than a few replies, I've decided to re-post my previous USMF Post from back in December 2018. I Honestly thought that I'd have received a few more replies than actually did, but apparently, due to this American Legion Award being quite uncommon that didn't happen ? Well, perhaps we'll try again ? Below, is my recent USMF Post, in it's entirety. If anyone has ANY knowledge, information, and or thoughts concerning this very uncommon decoration, I will absolutely love to hear from them. I've pretty much exhausted all my research sources, & or options related to both the award, & to the medal's recipient. I looked into ALL the more obvious sources, & although they were all fairly helpful, none could elaborate much more than what data I've already learned. Sooooo, I'll be truly appreciative for ANY input concerning either this award, & or it's recipient. THANK YOU !!!


RE: >>> Please See Post Below;


Hello Gent's, I'm attempting to establish a 'ballpark ' value on what appears to be an extremely uncommon decoration. This is a piece Group that recently posted about here on the USMF.

It's named to Captain Julius B. RAMM, of Newton Center, Massachusetts. He began his U.S. Military service with 2 tours in the Philippines with the 21st Infantry Regiment, & finished during WW1 with the 310th Guard & Fire Company. Throughout his life was totally dedicated to Veteran's affairs, & was an early member of the American Legion. His 1939 OBITUARY states that he served in the U.S. Balloon Corps during WW1, but I've yet to confirm that fact. I'm certain there's additional medals of his 'out there's somewhere, but my Group only consists of the following medals; 1) American Legion, 'Distinguished Service Medal' officially named on Reverse to: No. 2, 1932, Julius B. Ramm, Chairman, Mem. Bldg. Comm.' ( END ) 2) 'Military Order of the World War ', mk'd 177 on Reverse, very early issue. 3) U.S. WW1 'Victory Medal', w/o clasp, probably indicating he served in CONUS during thev war. ( END of Group ) From what I've been able to learn, the Legion D.S.M. is an extremely uncommon decoration. If you check their online recipient list, you'll see that it reads like a who's who. I'm the early 1930's when Ramm's was awarded, the Legion appears to have presented their FAN's at the state & local levels, not national as became the last policy. ( This all comes from the Legion Historian / librarian. ) I purchased this some years ago, as I thought Ramm was from Rhode Island. Well, I was wrong, he's from Mass. So, it must go, although I'd like to solicit some advice as to it's value ? Soooo, ANY advice, input, & or comments will be deeply appreciated. If anyone here is interested in it, please let me know & we'll talk. THANKS


P.S.: Here's the LINK to my previous USMF Post;




Best, dpast32

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Your link appears to be broken and simply loops back to this page. You might try again or cut and paste your original question.

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What a wonderful thread! American Legion ephemera and paraphernalia is really interesting. The organization has a pretty rich history and can be collectible in it's own unique way. The quality of the pieces and publications they made is pretty outstanding. I hope to see more, and I'll be looking to see if I can find anything myself. I've been to an older building downtown that used to be an American Legion Hall back in the day. While it's no longer operating or affiliated as such, the marble floor still bears the logo if you know where to look!

Looking for anything related to Army Ranger Battalions from World War II

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