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Unlabeled US M-43 Pile Cap, or just something that looks somewhat similar?

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Hi everyone!


This cap was advertized as an unlabeled M-43 pile cap, and as it was a large size (7 3/8ish), in good condition, and reasonably priced I bought it. There are no labels or tags whatsoever.


Is this a US Army M-43 pile cap at all, or maybe a similar cap as used by some other country's army? The way the laces are attached to the flaps looks different than on other (labeled) M-43 pile caps I've seen, and the bill is a funny shape and not as broad as usual. Can anyone tell if this is a US Army M-43 pile cap at all, or if it is Canadian, Dutch or from some other NATO country?


Thanks, Peter





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Could be a Army Navy Store type, post WWII-early 50s in the manner of the fatiques and field jackets made for the market, something that could be privately purchased by a serviceman.

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