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WWI 2nd LT Pilot to WWII USAAF General Grouping

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I am trying to store everything properly and do not really deal with ribbons and metals all that much but these seem small enough to store all together in an album. I attached them to a backing , my question is do I have the ribbons in the correct order? I tried to match them to the photo but they are in a completely different configuration. Also there seem to be 4 of one ribbon (big red little white) although on the note attached they are named two different things. One is labeled United Nations but when I searched for that it is light blue and white not red and white. Any help is appreciated thanks!




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The bottom row needs to be flipped around. The Italian medals should be last,



!!!! WANTED !!!!

WWII Prisoner of War items : Medals, Mail, Diaries, Photos, Documents, Scrapbooks + More

WWII Naval Aviation Groupings : Medals, Documents, Scrapbooks, Photos, Flight Logs, Flight Jackets + More




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Congratulations on such a great find.


I've been researching the 12th Aero Squadron for several years now.

Duncan was a part of the 12th though he joined the unit on 6 November so likely didn't see much combat.

The 12th flew observation aircraft responsible for locating and reporting the progress of U.S. troops on the front lines.

They also conducted photo reconnaissance and artillery adjustments among other things. Admittedly I don't have much on Duncan.

But, I've attached what I do have in the hopes it may be useful to you.


If you have anything else on his early years, I'd love to learn more.










First Lieutenant Duncan joined the 12th on 6 November 1918. After serving with the 12th Lt Duncan was stationed in Sinzig, Germany with the 4th Corps.

He was assigned to the 88th Squadron then to the 1st during the occupation. Upon returning to the States, he was assigned

to General “Billy” Mitchell. In the early 1920’s he was stationed at Luke Field, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He became a

career officer serving as an instructor at the advance flying school at Kelly Field, Texas, attending several schools and

moving between various units until assuming command of the First Bomb Squadron in 1936. He served in World War II

as a Colonel and later a Brigadier General. During the war he served in several posts and commands including special

observer with the Eighth Air Force in England, chief of staff of the Eighth Bomber Command, Commander of the

First Provisional Wing of the 8th Bomber Command, Commander of the XII Bomber Command in England and North Africa.

He was also served in the plans section of the Second Air Force, named chief of the supply section of the 58th Bomb Wing,

served successively as assistant executive and assistant chief of staff of the XX Bomber Command in India and China,

commanded the air base at Pyote, Texas, and served as chief of staff of the Second Air Force. After WWII, he command

the air base at Camp Pinedale, Calif and later the air base at Long Beach, Calif. In August 1950 he was appointed deputy for

operations of the Fourth Air Force at Hamilton Air Force Base, Calif. He became chief of staff of the Fourth Air Force and in

December 1950 was named vice commander of that organization.

(United States Air Force, 2017)

(Gorrell, Gorrell's History of the A.E.F. Air Service Section E. Vol 3. Squadron Histories)

(Historical Society of Pennsylvania)



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Thanks Ram . For a paper and smalls collector I was very happy to find it for sure. I do not have room for uniforms and such so groups like this are my favorites for sure! Plus I learned about ribbon bars from this group so I have kept my eyes out for the more home made looking ones and patches . Previously anything that did not look more machine made I automatically figured it was fake. Now I understand those are the ones you should seek out.


Thanks for the ID jarhead!

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