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Information Help on Great Uncle- USMC Okinawa

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Hi guys- I'd really appreciate any help with information on my great uncle. I was able to find the text version of his casualty card but not the actual card itself which I believe would have more information. The text version seems to back up the family story that he was wounded on Okinawa. His name was Thomas William Morris- Co.B 1/1. From Michigan. If possible I'd like to confirm that it was Okinawa and try to put some circumstances around his wounding.



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Like Blacksmith shows he was indeed on Okinawa. Service # 404601 if you were so inclined to order his file. Ancestry shows he does have a casualty card for the Okinawa campaign, but it fails to list the exact day and nature of wounds. You can request his casualty card here at this email address: history.division@usmcu.edu .This is the Marine Corps Historical department on Quantico that keeps the casualty cards. His actual card should have more information. Hope this hepls

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