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75MM pack howitzer sight needed


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Hey guys,


We are STILL looking for one for the AMC Museum.  If anybody knows of one being offered for sale, let us know.  Thanks!



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Charlie Flick



I have not had the pleasure of visiting the Air Mobility Command Museum but it is on my "Someday List".


Is the Museum government owned, like the Smithsonian or the Air Force Museum?  If so, then I would think that you would be able to access government sources like the Rock Island Armory (where I think the Pack Howitzers were made) and Anniston Army Depot (where I think they were demilled/destroyed).  Perhaps they have a spare sight sitting around in a drawer somewhere.


What about the National Museum of the United States Army?  I would think that since the Pack How was an Army piece of ordnance it might have some spares in its system.  I remembering reading a story about a year ago that got wide circulation about the massive amounts of holdings the Army has in storage for history purposes.


Have you tried the U.S. Army Artillery Museum at Fort Sill?  Heck, they might have one or know where you can source one.


If that fails you might want to post a WTB on the popular Sturgewehr.com site which gets a lot of traffic on NFA restricted items.   Here is the link:  Buy and Sell Parts and Accessories for Machine-guns (sturmgewehr.com) 


You have probably tried all of these ideas but perhaps one of these might lead you to a sight for your Pack How.


Good luck.  I hope you let us know if your search is successful.




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