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"MADE IN U.S.A." mystery solved


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For a number of years I have wondered who made these parachute wings with the markings, MADE IN U.S.A. There is no manufacturers hallmark to identify the maker. Until today this has been an unsolved mystery, at least for me. I can now say with certainty that I now know who the maker was. Next slide please!


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Here is the proof. I now have a basic parachute badge marked MADE IN U.S.A. identified as Harry Sugerman also having the S-21 hallmark. The lettering is identical. Why the S-21 marking was left off the other is still another unanswered question. At least we now know who made them.


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Would this be in the same boat?


A G-23 Made in USA Ira Green. This came from a NZ/Brit  SAS individual who collected from units he worked with late 60's-70's





7th Special Forces Beret Flash (1961-70 )-1_221x240.jpg

7th Special Forces DUI  (1961-70 )-1 reverse_207x240.jpg

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