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Early post war aircraft seat belt

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The top aircraft seat belt was an E-BAY pick up. I thought it was WW2 era due to the box X stitching that is common for WW2 era lap belts. The design is in keeping with late WW2 era. I have seen this type belt set up at many WW2 era crash sites. When they arrived I was taken back when I saw they were nylon. All of the nylon belts I have seen have the zig zag stitching. I don't know if the Navy adopted nylon towards the end of the war or not. I know they had other late war items that were nylon. My best guess is these are early post war issue and the box X stitching was before the zig zag became the norm. Does anyone know for sure what time frame the top belt is?




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This photo was taken from another site. This is of a 1956 inspection dated aircraft seat belt. Note the zig zag stitching. This is not found on WW2 era seat belts. At least I have never seen a dated cotton canvas belt with zig zag stitching, only on nylon belts.


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