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new old guy from tropical Wyoming,

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site referred to by a good friend, that i,v never personally met but that has taught me alot.. I come from a military family from way back Boar war, WW1, WWII, Vietnam.. i was unable to serve do to medical issues, but have had a love for not only all the earned Insignia,s, but the history,stories and appreciation for all those that have served..I hope to learn alot and contribute what I can...I like any military from around the world, but my passion is "462nd Hellbirds", my father,s squadron who was a bombardier.. and my Hero..thanks for letting me in...

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I think there is a hellbird uniform for sale on here right now actually...

Looking for the following:

452nd and 447th Bomb Group items

Anything 12th Armored- especially uniforms

155th Assault Helicopter Company, Camp Coryell, or Ban Me Thuot Vietnam items[/center]

WWII US Navy Uniforms from the Battle Off Samar: USS Johnston DD-557, USS Hoel DD-553, USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413, USS Heermann DD-532, USS Dennis DE-405, USS John C. Butler DE-339, USS Raymond DE-341, USS Fanshaw Bay St. Lo, White Plains, Kalinin Bay, Kitkun Bay and Gambier Bay...


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only takes me forever to get around to getting back to you, still trying to figure out the inner workings of the site. trying to make you a friend, but seem unable to figure it out, these darn smart phones are just to smart for me.

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was wondering if they made shield patches in WWII, I have an 8th Army version. I believe it to be from the war, but not sure if they made them in that time period. hoping someone could shed some light on this matter. thanks

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You can post a photo in the 'shoulder sleeve insignia' section. A trick I use to resize photos with a smart phone is to take a photo and e-mail it back to yourself at a smaller size under 251kb. Then open the email and save that version of the photo.





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Welcome aboard. You will find this a great place to learn and share information.


I spend a lot of time in the Gillette and Rock Springs areas. I have also covered the entire state in my travels. Love me some Wyoming.


A few years ago I was in a gun shop in Gillette. Hanging on the wall was a Luftwaffe Garrison Cap. I offered to purchase the cap on the spot for good money. The lady considered it for a bit but eventually declined. Her reasoning was that it was cool to have something from Germany during that period. I left her my business card and asked for first rights of refusal. She agreed.


A few months later I was back up there on business and knowing that she mentioned having something from Germany from that era I brought some TR items to trade for the cap. She seriously considered it but finally said no.


While talking to my buddies that live there they mentioned that the reason she would not sell to me was because I was not a "local". So I asked my buddies to see if they could buy it for me. They waited a month or so to go in there. When they did ask about the purchase she asked them if that boy from Texas sent them in. Again, no deal.


A few months pass buy and I am back up there. I have a big wad of money that she certainly cannot refuse. I go in there and the cap is no longer hanging on the wall. I asked her about it and reminded her of our agreement of first rights of refusal. She remembered and agreed. She lamented that it had been stolen and that she should have sold it to me when she had the chance. I agreed and reminded her that I still have my money and she no longer has a product.


After about a 10-12 year gap of going into that shop I am back in there. There is no way that they lady would know me from Adam. I walk into the shop and immediately in front of me on the counter is a WWII Front Seam M1 Helmet with a period liner. I pick it up to look at it and she says, "It is not for sale". I put it down and leave the building. Didn't even bother to see what other items may have been in there.


Other than that. Wyoming is great!




That "Boy" from Texas.


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