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USMC Amphibious & Expeditionary Brigades and units

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Aloha Everyone,


FMF, Amphibious Brigades, Expeditionary Brigades and other MEB/MEF USMC attached units


Post 'em if you've got 'em.....


Cold War Reorganizations
During the Cold War many elements of the Marine Corps were reorganized or redesignated. Marine Corps Reservists, last activated during the Korean War to perform the essential task of augmenting the grossly understrength active-duty units, underwent a complete reorganization on 1 July 1962 when the OMCR was reformed into the 4th MarDiv/4th MAW Team.
In 1979, as part of the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR), the reserve team received its only MAGTF CE (Command Element) and brigade headquarters when the Command Element, 2nd Marine Amphibious Brigade (MAB), was activated.
MAGTFs were originally designated as "expeditionary" but became "amphibious" at the onset of the Vietnam War in 1965 as a concession to colonial sensitivities. In 1988 this politically motivated revision was reversed by Commandant General Alfred M. Gray since "expeditionary" better represented the kinds of missions for which he wanted the Marine Corps to prepare. Hence MAUs once again became MEUs, and likewise with other "expeditionary" forces.



Second Marine Amphibious Brigade (2nd MAB), circa 1979

USMC 2nd Marine Amphibious Brigade 001.jpg

USMC 2nd Marine Amphibious Brigade 002.jpg

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USMC 5th Combined Expeditionary Brigade - SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization - Disbanded in 1977)


US Navy Photograph: Controlling SEATO Exercise Tulungan, onboard USS Eldorado (AGC-11), March 1962, taken in Flag Plot. From left, Rear Admiral Hooper (Exercise Director and Amphibious Task Force Commander), Cdr Jose M. Vasquey (Philippine Navy), unnamed, Col. T. A. Culhane (USMC)

USMC 5th Combined Expeditionary Brigade SEATO 001.jpg

USMC 5th Combined Expeditionary Brigade SEATO 002.jpg

Controlling_SEATO_Exercise_Tulungan_Edwin_B_Hooper 02.jpg

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1st Marine Brigade - Fleet Marine Force (FMF)


I found a wooden version of that patch : I'm not sure if it's actual KOA wood and LAVA ROCK as written on the back, but it is a great 3D piece. I did a short video of it to better show off its dimensions:


Here's a still:




Click for the video:








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