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USMC blanket collection

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I found this on eBay a couple months ago and bought it. I haven't seen one with the same solid stenciling, which makes me question whether or not this was done as a one off. Was this done during the Korean war? There is a lot of debate out there as to how to care for these things. When I got mine in the mail, it had a petroleum smell that filled my apartment and gave me an instant headache. In hindsight, this smell probably would have gone away had I just left it out for a few days. I didn't want to smell it though, so I threw it in the wash on the gentle cycle with cold water and arm&hammer soap twice and then tumble dried on low and finished while still damp by hanging on a ladder. Came out great, and the smell was gone. I don't think I damaged it at all, and i'm sure if these things were tailored for war, they can handle going in the wash. However, I wanted to use this as a house blanket because the wool is considerably softer than my early USMC blankets and so preservation wasn't a factor in my mind. I have one with a legible label and I wouldn't wash that one because it would probably fade.





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Here are my other 2. The first and nicest is also my oldest with the chain-stitched USMC. No tag to date it, but the weave is noticeably coarser than the other 2 which I think are both from the 50's. The second has an intact label glued on. If this is the original glue, I cannot believe it has held for the last 65+ years.






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