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13th FA Regiment Display 1925-1928


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Attached is my Christmas present that my wife had framed for me to honor my Grandfather. Most are period items but I do not know what time period the pennant fits in. Looks good anyway! Any help on dating the pennant would be greatly appreciated. The blue felt is faded.

Captain Ralph A. Lurvey USA, RET. 1908-1998

20 Years Active Duty between 1925 -1959

AKA “Cpl. Fred R. McLoud”

Something about a car, the judge and reform school.

He chooses the Army instead and lands in Hawaii

attached to the 13th Field Artillery Regiment 1925-1928.

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

Thanks for looking







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Salvage Sailor

Excellent display, very well done.


The pennant is certainly made in the 1930's and I believe in the mid to later part of the decade.

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