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I've been collecting for a few years. I am 18 years old. Have quite the collection ranging from WWI to Modern Day.

I enjoy collecting to help teach members of my generation, and the younger generations about Freedom and honoring veterans.

I am a member of a non profit organization called Freedom Vehicles, I helped start the organization and we are currently in the process of seeking funding to build an interactive museum.

I collect vehicles as well as field gear and uniforms.

I personally own a 1943 GPW, an 1951 M38 jeep.

Favorite era to collect? Hard one. I do a lot on WWI since there is not many people in my are that do. But I also strive to have an "impression" for everyone of the vehicles that my father and I own.(around 25 MV's)

So I have WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Gulf War, 1980s US Army operations, and such impression. Some of them need polishing, and some of them are spot on.

I am eager to learn and give what input and knowledge I have, but mostly I like to sit back and obs absorb what I can until I am asked to speak.

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