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New from Utah, USA

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I've been collecting for a few years. I am 18 years old. Have quite the collection ranging from WWI to Modern Day.

I enjoy collecting to help teach members of my generation, and the younger generations about Freedom and honoring veterans.

I am a member of a non profit organization called Freedom Vehicles, I helped start the organization and we are currently in the process of seeking funding to build an interactive museum.

I collect vehicles as well as field gear and uniforms.

I personally own a 1943 GPW, an 1951 M38 jeep.

Favorite era to collect? Hard one. I do a lot on WWI since there is not many people in my are that do. But I also strive to have an "impression" for everyone of the vehicles that my father and I own.(around 25 MV's)

So I have WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Gulf War, 1980s US Army operations, and such impression. Some of them need polishing, and some of them are spot on.

I am eager to learn and give what input and knowledge I have, but mostly I like to sit back and obs absorb what I can until I am asked to speak.

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Outstanding!! Always GREAT to see younger folks interested in the History and preservation of those who came before us.


Great intro my man!! Welcome to the Club


All the best,

Kenny U.S.ARMY(Ret)


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