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554 Civil Engineer Squadron Hardhat

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I picked up this hard hat a couple of years ago, but no vet history. It looks to me to be a souvenir type thing as it shows no real wear. Possibly presented by the guys to an airman rotating out.




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That is cool.

I don't collect those but I would have picked it up.


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ASMIC #1098


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Brian Keith

Thanks for the reply Firefighter,

I think the stylized M-14 rifle on a late 70's dated item is interesting. I don't even think the Marines were using them on a regular basis then!


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Lee Ragan

I don't think the rifle pictured on the hard hat is anything more that an image of a military weapon to represent the fact that the CE troops in a Red Horse team could defend themselves if need be. Not to indicate what type of rifle they actually used.




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