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L134 (Willys?) Oil Filter

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my bad it should say the link is from the G.503 forum....the mounting wings on the canister are a give away for later CJ use...still good to have just in case and I think the filter element is a different PN also...larger too?


Hi, thanks, I knew what you meant about the 'gee' (a great site for WWII jeep info!). Yes I ended up needing a filter housing on very short notice, and since that was clean inside I used it even though it isn't a G503 model. I ended up finding a filter element at NAPA (and kept the box for that, so I would have their part number handy). Eventually it's going to be changed out for the correct housing, but it's doing fine so far. Just not pretty or correct looking :lol: I did think it was cool that the decals were still there.


There is nothing quite like the sound of a running L134 engine! B) Thanks again

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