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Hello from california

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I just signed up and am excited to share and learn a little bit more about my collection of world war two and korean war relics. Some have been handed down from relatives who've served, while some I've picked up at an estate sale or two and a few eBay auctions. Cheers!

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Hello and welcome to the forum! Do you have any special interest?

Hey thank you, and sorry for the late response. Not really, but if I had to, I'd probably say i'm most interested in world war two. For some reason, I'm intrigued to learn more at this point in my life...

I own a lot of old military wool blankets, and even use one at home regularly, so that could be considered a specific interest too. I'd probably buy another, even now, if it stood out to me and I didn't already have one like it.

I was particularly close to my grandfather who was in the marine corps during the pacific campaign, and look up to him still. He left me everything from his time in the service and then after, as a civil engineer. I'm always looking for hard to find items to complete his uniform but mainly, the correct combat fatigues from a marine in the pacific during '44-'46. I plan on sharing many of his things here.

Last week- I splurged on two footlockers at an estate sale. One is a trunk from ww2 with a wooden tray. The other is a completely steel one(army green / yellow stenciled writing) with metal handles, and lock hinges with attached latches to secure them. I believe it is vietnam era being produced in 59 according to the serial number. Good places to store my small collection. Cheers.

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