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101st uniform patch

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Sorry if this should be posted somewhere else but I recently came across a rather plain 4 pocteted jacket from world war 2 that had this 101st patch sewn onto it. I am far from an expert on these however my gut reaction was that this was too clean around the edges and was a later patch that was sewn on. However, it does not look unlike type 10 or 14 on the 101airborneww2 eagle patch corner site that were made both during and post war so I thought I would see what the forums opinion was and if my first reaction was correct. Thanks.




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No further pictures needed, patch is merrod edge. Post 68

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That is a Vietnam era and after 101st abn patch. Has a merrowed edge. Not ww2


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Thank you for the quick reply, that was my reason for think it was fake in the first place also so it is good to hear that feedback from someone more knowledgeable.



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