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M1 fixed loop in Sweden

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Saw this helmet on a swedish sale site, sold as "US ww2 helmet". First thought was to let it pass, broken net and a rotten liner but then I noticed that it was a fixed loop helmet with original chin straps so i bougth it, got it for aprox. 65 dollars.


My thougth was to replace the liner to a nice Firestone that I already have but after examine it closer, I actually do belive that it´s possible that this helmet and liner has been together since the war. You can also see on the paint of the helmet that the net has been there for a long time.

It was very hard to get the liner out of the shell, must have been ther for a very long time and the liner itself turned out to be interesting as well, a Firestone with glossy dark green color and unpainted steel A-washers. Too bad that the suspension is gone, my guess is rats, there are bite marks on the sweat band as well.


The chin strap has a raised bar brass buckle and a brass sharp end J-hook. The heat stamp is 1 7C, my guess is that there is one missing figure between 1 and 7 so in the range 107 to 197 something. Ther is no need for scratching te paint, only one thin layer of paint.


Thing I´m going to keep this helmet and liner together.




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Unfortunately the net does not look to be a US manufactured M1944 net but a clone, perhaps Danish.


I think your´re right about that, looks like a net for the danish M48 helmet (the danish M1 clone). and that make sence, many helmet stayed in Europe after the war, many ended up in Denmark and was used for many years, first in the army and then in the civil defence.


I have one fixed loop helmet with a US ww2 liner with markings from the danish civil defence.


Here is a great page to compare nets from US and Sweden/Denmark.



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Great find! Keep it together, have been together for a while already :) to me it looks unmistakable as a danish Army m/48 helmet. 
The danish Army bought bereden 50.000 and 200.000 original us M1 from surplus depots in Germany in december 1949. This looks to be one of Them. The danish helmet net was used right from the beginning, but did not really become widespread before the 60s. 

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