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Submariner 8 x 10 framed photograph find at flea market

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I picked this up at the flea market and appears to be two Lt Commanders shaking hands on board a submarine as they appear to be standing in front of the sail. I can see a United Nations Service Medal so I'm guessing 1950s era. I'm temped to take the photograph out of the frame but it is professionally sealed with the glued on paper backing. There is a stencil on the paper which reads, Archbold Studio 177 W. Michigan Ave. Battle Creek, Mich.






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Could this maybe be a change of command ceremony on a Naval Reserve submarine being used somewhere around the Great Lakes, as a training boat for USNR crews?


Just a random thought given the Michigan angle.


I think there are at least three boats on the Great Lakes still, or were at least? Not sure if any ever had that conning tower configuration tho (i.e. Silversides and Cobia).


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The command at sea pin came out in 1960, so my guess is that this photo probably dates from about 1954 to 1959. I'd agree this appears to be a change of command photo, and with the lack of WW2 service awards on the one fellow (and I don't see the edge of any discernible WW2 awards on the other guy) I'm guessing at least the fellow on the right was probably commissioned in or around 1945 or 1946. Fast forward at least ten years and that puts him around 1955-1956, maybe a tad later. If this is an older pre-nuclear submarine, it would not have been uncommon to have an LCDR as the CO, so that makes perfect sense.


I could be totally wrong, of course, but this story makes sense to me! :)


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