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Looking foreward to seeing/killing you!


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I just joined 1st SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler division for reenacting, so I expect I will see some of you around on the battlefield? I'm only 16 so I will only be running without a gun. thumbdown.gif


Oh well! thumbsup.gif

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Guest BigX506th

I'm looking forward to "shooting" your rump at the upcoming Annual Fort Indaintown Gap event-armed or not, SS is SS and we don't take prisioners....

-See ya in the funny papers,

Big X

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OK...heres a long story but worth it.

US army is having exercises early in the war. They hand out guns to all the soldiers but they run out with just one guy left.

WHAT TO DO NOW?? So the exercise commander gives him a sawed off broom stick with orders to go "Bangity, Bang, Bang" when he sees an enemy indicated by a red armband. The rest of soldiers in the exercise are ordered by the General to fall over and play dead when they hear this little guy go "Bangity, Bang, Bang".

The young soldier figures this is all bogus and refuses to believe it, but he has his orders.

Well, he gets sent out on patrol by himself to infiltrate enemy lines. He sneaks through the bruch and comes upon a lone sentry...he figures oh well I might as well get myself shot right away then I can go back to camp and relax. So he creeps closer jumps out and goes "BANGITY, BANG, BANG!!!" The sentry falls over dead...only playing of course. The young lad with the broomstick rifle is shocked yet amused...so off he goes, getting braver all the time.

He coome upon a trail and notices three enemy soldiers coming towards him...he hides behind a tree till they get close enough, then jumps out and goes..."BANGITY, BANG, BANG...BANGITY, BANG, BANG...BANGITY, BANG, BANG". To his amazement all three soldiers fall to the ground. Well now he figures he is virtually bulletproof. No more hiding in brushes, he walk down the middle of the trail now. He struts along proudly carressing his broomstick and even giving it a name..."Hun Killer". He suddenly sees do0wn the trail a huge soldier, he must be over six and half feet tall...he was just plodding along carrying a five foot chunk of pipe. Our brave little broomstick soldier jumps behind a bush and waits...giggliing to himself on how easy this one will be. That huge soldier gets closer and our little guy jumps out and goes...BANGITY, BANG, BANG!!! Huh, nothing happened...that big soldier is still marching along...so our little guy goes...BANGITY, BANG, BANG, again. Still nothing...this big monster is still coming towards him...so he goes...BANGITY, BANG, BANG...BANGITY, BANG, BANG...BANGITY, BANG, BANG...BANGITY, BANG, BANG. That big soldier knocks our little guy over stomps on him, breaks his broomstick rifle and keeps plodding along. Our little guy is beat to a pulp and can't believe what happened. He finally gathers himself and his broken broomstick rifle and yells at the big soldier..."You were supposed to fall over and play dead...didn't you hear the general???" The big soldier slowly turns around...looks at the our little bust up soldier with his broken broomstick...he smiles and says...




Maybe they will ginve you a broomstick instead of a rifle.


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market garden

I like new guys in reenacting they always want the kill and trigger time . Since you have no weapon I guess you could be a prisoner of war.

Just kidding welcome to the hobbie. Good Luck. Hope you can come to Jeferson Barricks it's a great event.


"Proud to be a Railsplitter"

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