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I put a new helmet photo up to open my website. Trust you all like that one (if not, let me know). Plan is to change it more frequently to show other helmets.




Hello Pieter, I like it! thumbsup.gif

I actually have a 2nd LT M1 helmet just like that one in my own collection.



"Let's get the hell outta here!"

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Hey Pieter , Good helmet and changing the front page ( helmet ) more oftenly is a good and interesting plan for the future!

" You can manufacture weapons and you can purchase ammunition,

But you can't buy valor and you can't pull heroes off an assembly line ".


-Sergeant John B. Ellery-

U.S. 1st Infantry Division


Hang Tough my friend!

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This is my favorite site for informative photos on the details of M-1 helmets especially the liner suspensions.

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Super cool, Pete...Ill just order my own M-1 book from you, hope it will arrive befor x-mass...

Keep the good work up!!



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