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Long thread on fakery: On Ebay - are these WW2 Airborne uniforms real or not?


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Suddenly, there is nothing for sale under his username?

"The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots"

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I couldn't agree more with Kadet and Allan H - their comments are 100% on the money.


506th Grouping with Jump Jacket had repro Currahee DIs in it as well.


I believe pics of the Vets could all be found on-line as well from Find A Grave or other locations :wacko:


Wow...I went back thru the sold listings and some people got taken for big $. I wasn't really tracking this thread or I would have commented sooner...I hope other members didn't buy any of these. For posterity:


- The attributions all had disconnects and things that didn't make sense....a late war guy's name in a D-Day jacket etc. etc. Stuff you only realize if you dig below the surface a bit and have access to the rosters and other data. If I remember, not one of the attributions tracked with the uniform is was associated with for various reasons.

- The crappy pics made it hard to tell, but some of the insignia looked post war to me. The SSIs in particular.

- I believe they all had the Dutch and Belgian lanyards on the wrong sleeves. You certainly find this on real uniforms from time to time...but all of them? Hmmmm

- Most of the jackets didn't have Ruptured Ducks. Again, this is odd. You do find original jackets without them, but often they belonged to men who reenlisted in the RA or were discharged from a hospital. Another red flag

- Too many ovals and wings with all the bling.


The list goes on but you get the idea...they are bad to the bone...


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kinda reminds one of the guy with all the fake para helmets. just unbelievable.






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I have bought the uniform group of Woodrow W. Frank.


After reading this forum topic and finding out Woodrow Frank was overseas from 3 Mar 1945 - 22 Aug 1945. He therefore wasnt overseas for 4 years like the bars indicate. I also think he didnt deserve the Belgium Fourragere because he was in Europe from 3 March 1945.


What are your opinions to the uniform group?


I will add some detail pictures.


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