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563rd TFS Marked P-4b Rebuild

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Just purchased this helmet off eBay and I'm looking to rebuild it. This is my first P series helmet and i'm not as familiar with the hardware/parts I will need as other helmets I have worked on. Obviously, this one is pretty incomplete to say the least. Anyone know where would be the best place to affordably source used parts? Would it be worth it to gut an unmarked P-4b with hardman receivers to rebuild this one?


Any input is appreciated!




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The shell is pretty rough and missing quite a bit.The edge beads are impossible to find,as no one makes any rubber in brown. Comms will be hard to find. Visors pop up on ebay. Some parts can be had at flighthemets.com. By the time you buy all the parts you will have more in it than finding a nice complete example.The earphone wiring harness will cost at least $80..Earphone cushions at least $50. ETC.... I have some parts but not all of what you need.

Good luck







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Quick update:


full wiring harness, earphones and proper mask have all been found. Currently in talks with another member here about the receivers. If anyone has a visor assembly for a size large helmet they would be willing to part with, let me know, I would be very interested.




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