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Reenacting Living History Days gone for ever things will never be like this again!

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In 88 a group of us were invited up to Dover Air Force Base for the roll out of Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby. Wonderful time, put up,and fed by the AirForce. Knew a father and son team from Jamestown MTA, that did Scotts but were Marines,we agreed to to WWII USMC as there would be plenty of USAAF guys. I had picked up a copy of The Readers Digest with the article on the A/C and crew, took it and got their autographs. The three of us walked around looking at differetnt A/C when we heard the familiar sound of an unusual radial engine, we looked up and it was a Wildcat! DuPont chemical owned it, flew it in a short distance for the display. post-6975-0-87610800-1549673558_thumb.jpegpost-6975-0-60808900-1549673592_thumb.jpeg

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The Only Marines there, lol.

I displayed my Dads uniform and a table full of pics of Airfields around Foggia where he was in WWII. Standing behind my Dads Officers jacket on shirt form, pics under plexiglass. These 3 WWII Vets walked up to the table looking at the pictures and talking between themselves, I was talking to my buddies. All of a sudden one of the Vets says really loud, Hey, this aint your stuff, what the hells going on? We flew off these airfields, so whats the deal? After I explained things they understood, we talked about an hour, very good memories. They were looking for a Sgt. that loaded bombs on their A/C, gave them a phone number for the contact for the 21st Aviation Engineer Regt. that may have info for them. Unfortunately my camera didnt work, so no pics of my display. Got these from my buddies.

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Good times Im sure.


Dont see events like these any more

Dixie Wing CAF, April 27,28, Falcon Field, Peachtree City, Ga, WW2 Days event...Reenactments, (200 plus Krauts, US, ...2 C47 plane load of jumpers onto field, B17, half tracks, etc...), Warbirds, last year we had 20 WW2 vets...mostly Navy...events getting rarer, but we are doing our best to keep it going...no easy task. I have been planning for two months. I will post pics shortly after.
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