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War of 1812? New York Militia officers belt plate not in any book.Help!

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Was metal detecting a colonial era cellar hole foundation here in Connecticut. Pretty sure this site was hit as there weren't a ton of targets.nabbed a couple buttons and a cool little brass possible spur buckle? Then just as sun was ready to set got a nice signal about 6 inches deep.dug my hole and seen the brass square with the bar and tongue and was super stoked as I knew it had to be a early belt plate. got a glimpse of the wing tips and I my heart was racing. saw some silver on bottom left and thought this is awesome! I get home and clean it and noticed right away this wasn't a run of the mill militia plate. It was a New York. I posted on a few facebook pages and Treasure net forum and the responses I started getting was wow haven't seen that one yet. Messaged a few top collectors and they agreed not in any belt plate book and never seen this one. So,my question is..How rare is this and can anyone say for sure this is War of 1812? or slightly post War?

Appreciate any and all feedback.

Thanks so much!

Dave Wise





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Soooo awesome that you rescued a piece of history from forever being lost. Congratulations. Incredible condition to boot !

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