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Salty USMC LWH Worn in Iraq


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Ever since I developed an interest in modern Kevlar helmets about two years ago, I've been on the lookout for a combat used USMC set and now I can say that that goal has been met

An example of a very hard used USMC set, I was lucky enough to obtain the helmet directly from the a close friend of the veteran who was selling the helmet for him. However, he was guarded about his service and out of respect, I did not pressure him for any more information. He did say that this was the helmet he wore in Iraq from 2004 - 2006 while serving with the Marines.


The helmet is a size medium 1st Pattern LWH produced in April of 2004. It still retains the earlier sling suspension which was later replaced by the Army's padded system. The suspension is heavily soiled and absolutely filthy. There's a ton of dust and dirt present on the suspension itself as well as beneath it. The A-washers which are used to hold the suspension in place are heavily rusted, in some places, rusting completely through the fabric. The leather sweatband, while present, has been worn in under such extreme conditions that in several areas, the leather has been completely worn through or has fallen off. The same can be seen on the rear nape pad.

The helmet cover from the first 2002 contract from American Power Source. It seems like the veteran may have placed his last name or roster number on the label, but has since marked it out with black ink.

The helmet also features a NVG mount as well as a rhino arm. Interestingly enough, it seems like the vet cut a hole in the cover to fit the NVG screw as it does not align with the pre-made button hole. As seen with many Marines in the early stages of the war, the helmet also features the older SWD goggles. These appear to have a yellow tinted lens.

Overall, it's a nice complete example of a period used piece and I'm extremely happy to add it to my collection. I hope you all enjoy



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Nice! I love that “been there” look to it, there’s no question it spent a lot of time in combat! What an honour to be able to give it a respectful place in your collection!

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