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New pattern flight/combat gloves, 'Oakley'-made?


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hello all,

I'm posting here even though not sure this item is an exclusively US-issued piece of clothing. Wjhat I refer to is that (relatively) new pattern flight glove, or actually best identified as a Combat Glove (like it seems to be more generally called), from the Oakley Inc. firm of California. It's possible seeing them in so many photos/videos being worn by many US aviators, but they're used also by ground troops of many a service, maybe even by foreign people as well.

Please does anyone know if this glove was originated by US military specs. or requests for generic combat use, or more precisely by Air Force, or did it come into the military after already existing?


I'm not able gathering more infos. Glove in itself doesn't look like a spot-on flight glove, having unusual features meant at strongly protecting/shielding some certain areas like knuckles and parts of fingers. It uses different materials (like carbon fiber, airprene, four-way stretch fabric) and sports very short wristlets. I'd like knowing wich, if any, date they would have entered service for aviation usage.

Thanx in advance for any more accurate infos.


'ziofrank' Franco.


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So generally the Oakley brand gloves and others are private purchase gloves folks will use with their gear, rather than something standard issue.

The gloves would have been designed with combat Troops in mind as a private purchase item, not out of a government request.

Ive seen them get used by air and ground troops as well out of personal preference.


In terms of when they came out Id say mid-2000s timeframe.

Hope that helps!

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