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331st Medical Guidons


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Recently grabbed this pair. Guidon is WW2 tagged. The larger flag, as expected, has no tag. These larger ones dont in my experience. Anyone have any history? Medical units in WW2 probably didnt have an F company, so Im thinking it may be post war. Thoughts?



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The Flag is for the 331st Medical Group.


The Medical Group Flag.




As groups commanded separate battalions and or separate companies, not sure where the guidon fits in. Like it woulnd't be Co F 331st Medical Group. There was of course a 331st Medical Battalion, this was the medical unit of the 106th Infantry Division (Golden Lions).



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Also not sure, but it seems the the standard was 4 companies per Med Bn, A, B, C, and D, maybe some had two additional ones, an E and an F, but getting no hits for a F Co 331st Med Bn.

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This is the standard Order of Battle for a WWII Medical Group, note no lettered companies, only battalions and numbered companies, both of which are separate non divisional. Can't find the 331st Med Grp, but it has campaign credit for Rhineland and Central Europe.


31st Medical Group

178th Medical Battalion
426th Medical Battalion
621st Medical Clearing Company
564th Ambulance Company
565th Ambulance Company
566th Ambulance Company
574th Ambulance Company
463d Medical Collecting Company
501st Medical Collecting Company
502d Medical Collecting Company
47th Field Hospital

68th Medical Group

175th Medical Battalion
176th Medical Battalion
662d Medical Clearing Company
449th Medical Collecting Company
45 1st Medical Collecting Company
454th Medical Collecting Company
576th Ambulance Company
577th Ambulance Company
578th Ambulance Company
594th Ambulance Company
13th Field Hospital
51st Field Hospital

134th Medical Group

179th Medical Battalion
180th Medical Battalion
450th Medical Collecting Company

452d Medical Collecting Company

464th Medical Collecting Company
617th Medical Clearing Company
479th Ambulance Company
546th Ambulance Company
575th Ambulance Company
583d Ambulance Company
42nd Field Hospital
45th Field Hospital

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It seems perhaps the 331st Med Guidon is a pre war one for the 331st Medical Regiment, haven't pinned it down yet, but one source I have we see a whole load of Medical Regiments in the 300 series in the 20s and 30s.



Would be willing to bet that when the 331st Med Regt was broken up in the early part of WWII like some if not all the pre war medical regiments, divisional or separate, that the regiment formed a basis for the newly raised 331st Medical Group, thus the connection with these two, theory, former member of the regiment had this Guidon, for Company F of the regiment (found in the 2nd Battalion of the regiment) kept it for what ever reason, than somehow acquired the group flag post WWII, maybe he was a senior ranking officer??

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I wasnt getting anything for F company either. Glad to see Im not alone there. Your theory makes the most sense. The flags are both 100% real, so Im not concerned from that angle, its just a matter of how it fits together.

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Found the 331st Med Regt, and yes it was used as a basis for the 331st Med Grp. From what I can tell these regiments not only had their own companies (in the 20s were numbered and titled rather than lettered, and also had a lot of separate numbered medical companies of a wide variety of types attached to it. These regiments underwent the change to lettered companies in 1936 when the collecting, ambulance, and hospital battalions were redesignated as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions respectively. Concurrently, the companies were redesignated as lettered companies with A, B, and C allotted to the 1st Battalion, D, E, and F allotted to the 2nd Battalion, etc



331st Medical Regiment (XV Corps) Organized Reserve Indiana HQ-Not initiated 1927-33; South Bend, IN, 1933-41 Subordinate elements-Regt’l HQ; HQ & Svc Co 1927-41; 331st Vet Co 1927-41; 331st Med Sup Sect 1927-24; 331st Med Lab Sect 1927-24; HQ, San Bn 1927-25; 391st San Co 1927-24; 392nd San Co 1927-24; 393rd San Co 1927-24; HQ, Amb Bn 1927-36; 391st Amb Co 1927-36; 392nd Amb Co 1927-36; 393rd Amb Co 1927-36; HQ, Hosp Bn 1927-36; 391st Hosp Co 1927-36; 392nd Hosp Co 1927-36; 393rd Hosp Co 1927-36; HQ, Col Bn 1927-36; 391st Col Co 1927-36; 392nd Col Co 1927-36; 393rd Col Co 1927-36 Constituted in the National Guard in 1921 as the 131st Medical Regiment, assigned to the I Corps, and allotted to the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Regimental Headquarters, Headquarters and Service Company, and the Ambulance and Hospital Battalions were allotted to the state of Maine. One hospital company was allotted to the state of New Hampshire; one ambulance company was allotted to the state of Vermont; and one each ambulance and hospital companies were allotted to the state of Rhode Island. The 172nd Ambulance Company (organized at Wallingford, VT, 10 December 1921; redesignated 154th Ambulance Company 1 December 1926) was the only element organized. Placed on the deferred list 10 December 1926 and unit requirement transferred to the Organized Reserve as the 352nd Medical Regiment, a Deferred National Guard unit. Concurrently, entire regiment allotted to the Second Corps Area. Withdrawn from the National Guard 7 September 1927, permanently allotted to the Organized Reserve, and redesignated as the 331st Medical Regiment. Concurrently withdrawn from the Second Corps Area and allotted to the Fifth Corps Area. Assigned to the XV Corps 1 October 1933. Initiated in December 1933 with regimental headquarters at South Bend, IN. Conducted summer training with the station hospital at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN. Location 7 December 1941—South Bend, IN. Status: Headquarters and Headquarters and Service Company active in the U.S. Army Reserve as HHD, 331st Medical Group at Wichita, KS.

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