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Working on a few new helmets

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I knew a guy once who used to make his own Waffen SS uniforms for reenacting he eventually got out of the hobby and sold all his uniforms. several years later at a big gun show a very well-known military dealer was selling one of his reproductions as an original. he was able to stop the sale because he proved it was reproduction. the way he did it was he put a line of red thread going through the inner sleeve of each uniform he made. that was his reproduction trademark. it stopped some young collector from spending lots of good money on a fake. I agree you should do something to Mark these as reproductions and have it be part of the helmet for years to come

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Are you going to mark them somewhere as reproductions so that five years hence some dealer doesn't pass them off to some unsuspecting young collector as originals?





They are marked on the inside as being my repros, plus as a bonus they aren't made of fiber or cloth like originals. I also appreciate the kind words of everyone that you think these are good enough to pass as real. Everyone that has received one of my Hawleys or Tankers has been over the moon excited to finally have something durable they can wear for events. Thank you all!


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You are an artist, in the truest sense of the word!


I appreciate that but I am just following in the footsteps of true artists like Rob Lihani and Owen Thornton.

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Josh did a quick comparison with his minty 2nd pattern Hawley and my garbage with his wonderful suspension. I can't thank him enough for making the parts he does.




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