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Shortened US issued machete?

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Hi all,

I recently got this machete. Unfortunately, rust has destroyed all markings if there weren't any. The handle reminds me of US machetes though.


I did some research in this forum and it looks like a shortened Collins & Co. Legitimus machete. However, I'm not at all familiar with machetes.


The machete is about 16 inches long and the blade measures 10.5 inches.


What's your opinion?


Thanks and best regards





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From the blade profile, it looks to me like what you have there is not a shortened machete. Rather, it appears to me to be a US Marine Corps No. 1001 Intrenching Machete (sometimes spelled "Entrenching"). These were made by Collins and Henry Disston. Collectors sometimes call them the 'square tip bolo', but the Marines considered them a machete and featured them in the Landing Force Manual of the 1930s. They are a heavy duty blade and are sometimes seen in WW2 pics, although I think they were obsolescent by the start of the War. They are similar in size and heft to the USMC Medical Corpsman knife.


I have examples of both the Disston and the Collins in my collection but can't seem to find any pics of them handy right now. A search of the Forum will turn up some other threads on the No. 1001 machete.


This machete typically had wooden scales. I have never seen one with black composition handles shown on your example. Very interesting.





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Hi Charlie,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! That's great information!


Could it be that the black handle was mounted at a later date e.g. for the purpose of reactivation or do you think that the machete is a genuine version?


Maybe somebody else can shed light on that? Feel free to give your opinion.




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NOT a 1001 intrenching Machete or later version. Blade thickness a definite difference. Also, the rivets do not appear to be COLLINS but need a better look.


IMO this is a cut down machete but probably not a Collins. For the lack of better info: just someones'home shop yard tool.

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