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Pics of ship's stores in USN Ships during ww2


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Making researches on Storekeepers jobs during ww2, i would like to know more on shop store part

Into what extends shop stores aboard ships could offer a quite large selection of items for everyday civilian supplies (like toothpast, shaving cream, candy bars and ... what else ... ?) ... ?

Was it free ? refundable through rationning ticket system ? on sailor expense ?


Where did they provided themselves when in foreign countries ?


Where were their battle stations ?


Any pics of what it looks like in the 30's / 40's ?


Thanks a lot

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First off, it is ship's store or ship's service store. The size of the ship dictated how big the ship's store was. In general, they provided things that sailors would need, as you mentioned, toothpaste, soap, other toiletries, snacks, cigarettes. Bigger ships (BB, CV, CA) had more selection than smaller ships (DD, SS). The sailors had to pay for these items.


In foreign countries, the sailors could buy on the local economy, but they usually didn't have the selections the ship's stores had. Shore based Ship's stores were usually big and had more selections, depending on where they actually were.


Battles stations, each ship had a watch quarter and station bill with specific billets assigned throughout the ship. The store keepers would be assigned wherever on the ship as each ship was different.


Here'as an example on the USS Denver, a cruiser in 1942.


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Thanks for your answer 29navy & mikie


To Kammo, wow what a niiiiiice visit in this famous ship !!! Thanks for sharing the pics

did you took pics of the ship's store if it was displayed ?



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Going through my WW2 cruise books. Not much to find but I'll post what was there. This was the one mention in the USS Tennessee cruise book


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Closed for Inventory must be a long running joke as it shows up here in the 1934-35 USS Mississippi Cruise book. Note the hours of operation too :)


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