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Cleaning surface "grime" off Woolie Patches?

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Maybe woolite, it's gentle enough. Or mild dish detergent. You might have to get the whole patch wet though. Can't see getting away without soaking it. I've clean alot of patches this way and never had a problem. Other might have different methods.


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Woolite works best. Just have to follow the directions. After the wash treatment, which doesn't take too long, rinse real good and place between paper towel and just press it to remove excess water and if you have to get another paper towel, no problem, then place it on a flat surface, not in direct sunlight or heat and let it dry naturally as there is no hurry to play with the patch. Would rather use Woolite as it is not harmful to the wool and is gentle as opposed to the modern cleaners. Most modern cleaners contain brighteners.

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