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Iraqi Digital Camo Uniform

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Here is a uniform I did bring back. The MOI National/Federal Police Training Academy was also located on Camp Dublin. I do not remember what I traded for this this or if I traded anything at all.





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Very neat, I haven't seen the slanted velcro before, and "troop spaclel forcas" always cracks me up.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a thousand pictures!

"I read that in war bad things happen, Ain't that the ************* truth" -1st Lt Mike Scotti







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Nice uniform


I bet Arch is gonna luv this when he see's it ;)

In Memoriam:
Lieutenant J.Kostelec 1-3 First Special Service Force MIA/PD 4 March 1944 Italy
Forget about the tips..We'll get hell to pay (AC/DC)
"If you cant get out and run with the big dogs then sit on the porch and bark at the cars going by.."

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You Cant Get A Sun Tan On The Moon..

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