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USN Mk3 Mod 0

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Dear fellows, I have this Ontario Mk3 Mod 0, which I bought many years ago still in the box. Browsing the web, I noticed that the markings on the blade base are reversed, I mean written upside down (toward the tip instead the handle, as usually seen). Should I assume by that it's a repro?


Thanks in advance,





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You have the first style knife with the up swept tip that I understand kept breaking off so they changed it. I don't think anyone has produced a reproduction. Here is a previous thread on this knife and there is one photo of this knife with the same reversed stamped lettering that they refer to as a variation.



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That looks original to me. These are/were awful knives. The tips broke off quite easily, they didn't hold an edge well and rusted quickly...

I will pay top dollar for original WWII items pertaining to:



OSS Maritime Unit



Scouts and Raiders


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I also recently picked up one of these with the reverse markings.

It is used and a small portion of the tip is broken off.

I can only guess that the went in the wrong way into the stamping machine.

I wonder how many were manufactured that way?

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the upside down marking is common enough so that particular variation doesn't add a premium to the knife value. I have both the early and late versions, and see them for sale on a regular basis on ebay. Asking prices and selling prices seem to average around $50-$60.


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