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Need ID on this squadron.

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I think this is a navy squadron it came with a five inch VX-3 squadron patch.All help is greatly appreciated..Scotty


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Google image search based on motto led me to this one with the above title. I've done this before and the number was off a digit or two but I cannot find a source image so it leads me to believe it was a title saved from a ebay auction.



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Polder's Guide, Mottos, lists several units using the motto In Omnia Paratus.


Some obviously don't match the theme of the emblem, but one that is a possibility is 720th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron.


My reasoning is the 720th was based in Alaska (Middleton Is AFS) between the 1955-1963. Considering the design, depicting the electronic lightning bolts, baracade with eye, and "top of the globe" which symbolizes the Alaska/Arctic region, this ID seems to fit.




Polder, Jerome. Comprehensive Guide to United States Air Force Pocket/Shoulder Insignia Mottos. Aeroemblem Publications. 1985. . p 58.

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Thanks for all your detective work guys I think the 720th might be the answer.I think the top of the world and what looks like the eye in the baracade.This came out of a vets estate out east just the way you see it.The guy that picked it up cut it off the shirt as you can see.I will list it as the 720th and see what happens.Once again thanks for your help as always it is amazing.Scotty

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Randy thank you for the ID it is truly appreciated.The collective knowledge on this Forum is truly amazing Thanks to all for your time solving this mystery


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